What Advice Should Be Given To A Teen

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Hello guys,

I hope you all are doing absolutely fine. Today I got one question for you all.

If you sit next to someone who is younger than you either he/she is a grown-up kid, a teenager or an adult.  What advice will you give to a teen
for their betterment except the one, which is about their studies and all that? Well I met a lot of people older than me and they are like, what you are planning for your studies and they started lecturing me on how should I plan my studies. Well, that’s good but not every time. When you start to listen to about only one stuff, at some point you will get bored and you will feel that person like a bored one.

A teen is like a clay. The shape in which you mold it, they will remain in that shape. And teenage is that stage of life where the foundation pillars get their shape. If the pillars will be in the wrong direction then the building will not be too good to appreciate. And always remember that their guardians are their architectural engineers.

So it is needed for a teen to get some advice from their guardians or elders.

So here I am to tell you, “What necessary advice should be given to a teen?”

Advice should be given to a teen:

1.   Do something that you love:

This is the most important thing which a teen should be adviced. Teens are our growing youth They are going to decide our society’s future. So it is necessary for them that they should do what they love. If they will do what they love then they will do that with their whole heart and will contribute more to society. And they will lead a good life also.

2.   We all are interconnected:

There are many issues like environmental degradation, etc. at which most of the people think that it is not our matter. But my question for them is that how can it be ours as our society is a kind of web. If something happens in it, it affects us in many ways. It should be understood by a teen that it is our moral duty to bring down heaven on this planet ‘Earth”.

3.   It’s okay to ask for help:

Sometimes it is okay to ask for help. If you are struggling you can say, “ I am wondering if you can help me out with (insert problem)”. When someone you trust gives you advice, work on being a good listener. That means you fully understand what the other person is saying before you respond and you ask a question to clarify confusing subjects and language.

4.    Don’t do things to show someone or prove someone. Trust me you won’t be happy even if you climb the entire Mount Everest if its to show someone and not solely done for your own self.

5.   Maintain your physics:

Most of the teens seem to be too obsessed. It is now common in teens. The teen is the age where you cant stop yourself to eat some junk food, something delicious. Well, you can do that but I will advise you to not to suppress your heart on the matter of food, as eating something delicious can make you feel good throughout the day and even life is a one-time process so don’t waste it in suppressing yourself.

Here I will advise you to try to take part in some physical activities. Try to train yourself professionally in at least one sport so that it will keep you physically fit and mentally strong.

6.   Try to build up your personality:

First of all, keep a good book in your hand at least for some show off on school premises. Keeping a good book in your hand will definitely decorate your hand. Once you will start keeping a book in your hand, at least you will read 2 – 4 pages a day which is enough food for your brain to process your own opinions and thoughts. And having your own opinions and thoughts means you are developing yourself.

7.   Don’t try to plan your entire life:

It is often in teenage years that a teenager thinks a lot about their carrier and which type of life he/she had to live. Well, it is good to keep a rough sketch about your carrier and life. But don’t try to plan your entire life.
I will say here that you cant stick to a plan for entire life, it doesn’t matter that how shockproof you made your plans. While it is good to set some goals that you’d like to attain.

And also you shouldn’t put a specific time limit to achieve your goal. You cannot predict the life and you must be fully aware of the unpredictability of life.  

8.   Learn as much as you can. Don’t be afraid of failure because failing often means a chance was taken. Taking a chance and facing that risk head-on is a most rewarding way to achieve your dreams, even if there are few stumbles a long way.

Your adolescent is an exciting time to learn about yourself and better understand your thought process. Take this time to set goals, work on improving your relationships and finding healthy ways to take care of yourself.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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